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Lawton, Oklahoma

Visit The Holy City, located in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The site of the annual Easter Pageant. Pictured, is a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing at the Federal Building. Carved in each brick at the base are the names of all who died.

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is abundant of several endangered animals, to include herds of Longhorn and buffalo, as well as herds of Elk and Deer which roam on open range. You can drive to the top of Mount Scott to view the spectacular Wichita Mountains.

Our Fault can best be seen on the Kimball Ranch. Part can also be seen near The Stony Point School, as well as a trace visible from the air.

Fort Sill is nearby which is home of the U.S. Army Field Artillery. It was also the running ground of Geronimo and the Apache Indians. There are burial sites in Fort Sill to include the Geronimo's Grave. Also visit Fort Sill Stables and Museums, and Artillery walk and Missile park.

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